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If you lose your Gladiator or need a new one, no need to worry. All reorders from your Gladiator stone model are up to 50% off -- for life! How's that for peace of mind? Don't remember what you ordered last? If you have an online account, simply login to view your order history or email us at You do not need to order the same style, color or logo to receive the reorder prices.


Do you have your Gladiator stone model?


Once you've completed your online reorder, print your emailed invoice and ship it to us with your Gladiator stone model. You must have your most recent stone model to receive the reorder discount.



Was your first order placed with a group, team, school or college/university?


If your stone model was stored as part of the team order, email us at to place your reorder.

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Did you place your first order from outside the United States?


All Canadian and International order stone models have been stored in our facility as a customer courtesy. Once your Canadian and International reorder has been processed we will begin production right away.


If you cannot answer yes to any of the three questions above, please email for help.

Choose Your Product


  • Recommended for young athletes under 7 who still have most of their baby teeth
  • Crafted to allow for tooth loss and new tooth growth

Gladiator Junior

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  • Premier Gladiator, with proper protection suited for all sports and athletes
  • Gladiator style mouthguard for braces

Gladiator Pro

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  • Engineered for athletes 14 and older
  • Thickest style offering the most protection for combat sports

Gladiator Elite

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High Performance

  • Designed 25% thinner than standard mouthguards
  • Offers the same protection as the Pro
  • Created for and worn by LeBron James and Jack Eichel

Gladiator High Performance

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HP Lite

  • Designed to be 30% thinner than the standard mouthguard
  • Recommended for all sports that use helmets and full face protection

Gladiator High Performance Lite

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LeBron 3D Fangs

  • 3D Fangs as worn by LeBron James
  • Engineered with the Gladiator Pro technology

LeBron 3D Fangs

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