Gladiator High Performance Lite

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Built with our Power Grip technology, the HP Lite absorbs shock while 30% thinner than the standard mouthguard. Specifically for sports with full facial protection required, this ultra thin style provides athletes with the highest level of comfort possible. Worn by superstar Kieran McArdle.

  • Recommended for all sports, including heavy-contact sports, that use helmets and face protection
  • 2 layers of 2mm EVA material engineered with our Power Grip® technology disperses and absorbs impact
  • 30% thinner than the Gladiator Pro
  • Formed over a model of your mouth for a tight, comfortable custom fit
  • Protects teeth from impact and reduces shock to the jaw joint

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1 review for Gladiator High Performance Lite

  1. etwilegar (verified owner)

    Very good product. My son gagged on boil and bite type products. We had a ton of problems getting him to wear a guard for hockey. Lots of saliva buildup and general discomfort. Ten minutes into using this and all solved. Getting the mold itself is a little hard, but not bad. I bet your dentist could help as well.

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