Why Custom Fit

An Extension of


Complete Your Game Face

An extension of you

With a completely personalized mouthguard -- from color and logo to name and number -- your athletes don't just get another piece of equipment, but a new item of team gear they value as much as their jersey. It gives them an identity. Every Gladiator® custom mouthguard with a player's personalized name, number and team logo instantly becomes a favorite piece of their uniform and an essential component of completing their game face.

An extension of you
The sciene of performance enhancement



Individually made to your mouth

The sciene of performance enhancement

With Gladiator's Compliance Guarantee™, your players won't just get the most protective mouthguard possible, but the most comfortable as well. If for any reason a Gladiator doesn't fit a player perfectly when it's first received, it is fixed or replaced at no extra cost to you. That's Gladiator's guarantee!


Your Players

Anything but the best won’t do

The sciene of protecting players

Ordering team gear -- particularly custom mouthguards -- may be a cumbersome task. From determining each player's specific identification to taking their impressions, each player has different needs. With Gladiator's Protection Program™, the ordering process is completely streamlined, taking the administrative burden off of your shoulders.

The sciene of protecting players

The Pro

All non-, minimal- and heavy-contact sports

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The Elite

Extra Thickness Absorbs Excessive Shock

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High Performance Lite

30% Thinner For Maximum Comfort

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LeBron 3D Fangs

As Worn By LeBron James

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A Great Price

With six different styles to choose from, there is a perfect Gladiator waiting to lead you into battle starting at $45.

Which Gladiator Is Right For Me?

... With A Simple Process

Gladiator Self Impression Kit™


And They Say ...

Renato S.

Tampa, FL

“I've just received my mouthguard and would like to thank you guys. I love it ... the best fit in a mouthpiece that I've ever had !!!”

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