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Nighttime grinding and clenching (otherwise known as bruxism) causes serious conditions including damaged teeth, headaches, jaw disorders and can lead to other sleep disorders. The Gladiator custom nightguard is a clear, one-layer hard/soft nightguard that will protect the teeth and relieve pain associated to bruxism.

  • Protects your teeth and relieves pain from grinding/clenching
  • Thin 1.5-2mm clear layer on upper teeth for extra comfort
  • Soft EVA inner layer for comfort, hard acrylic outer layer for durability
  • Formed over a model of your mouth for a tight, comfortable fit
  • Recommended for moderate to heavy grinding
  • Average lifespan of 1 year
  • Not for wear with braces


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3 reviews for Custom Nightguard

  1. Ben

    Awesome product and I’m thankful I found Gladiator Custom Mouthguards.

  2. Georgeann Nicodemus (verified owner)

    Absolutely unusable I am so disappointed. I am hoping the issue is resolved or a refund is given. After speaking to a representative prior to receiving the night guard I felt she understood the issue I was having. I am hoping the company either makes me a usable night guard or refunds my purchase it was a lot of money for nothing.

    • Gladiator Custom Mouthguards

      Thank you for letting us know that your nightguard was not perfect. We will reach out to you right away for more details and help you with this ASAP! We know that your situation and needs are unique and we will find a solution for you.

  3. Georgeann Nicodemus (verified owner)

    I must retract my previous review the customer service Dept contacted me immediately to resolve my issues and promised that they would work with me until I had a night guard that I could use…

    • Gladiator Custom Mouthguards

      Thank you for your time this morning and we will certainly be working with you to make this better for you. It is our goal to have every Gladiator fit perfectly.

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